Folding Screens

Welcome to the Koshin Folding Screen Center, your online store and information hub for the latest folding screen styles, products, and reviews. Many of today’s homes have folding screens that are used for privacy, to divide parts of a room, and to add interest to rooms with their original paintings and designs. They have hinges that allow the screen to be folded into one panel rather than being spread out into two, three, or four panels. These devices have been used since the 4th century BC in China. Folding screens can be made of interesting types of wood, such as bamboo or teak, or they may be painted with original-looking scenes of nature. Others are covered with various materials and fabrics.

Sometimes room dividers are used in bedrooms that have more than one child in the room, especially if they are of different genders. This allows each child to have privacy as well as their own space to decorate as they please. Two sisters or two brothers who have very different interests may use a room divider to keep their part of the room filled with items that they enjoy. If one brother loves space, but the other prefers dinosaurs, the two decorative themes do not mix very well. In this case, a room divider would allow each child to have their own room of sorts, decorated in their own special way. Folding screens also eliminate distractions in bedrooms shared by siblings who need to do school work or those who are working on projects in their room. They will not keep a toddler from going behind the screen, but they do provide the feeling of privacy.

Folding ScreensFolding screens are used in some homes when there are not enough bedrooms for adults as well. This provides privacy for each person or couple, who can dress without the fear of another seeing behind their divider. When screens are used for privacy, they must be made of solid material that cannot be seen through. This eliminates many of the transparent paper coverings that allow light and images to show through on the other side. Privacy dividers may be made of solid wood or bamboo that is tightly attached to the frame of the screen.

There are outdoor folding screens that provide privacy near swimming pools, dining areas, and other spots outdoors. Many people use them around a spa or anywhere outside that they want to have guarded from neighbors who watch what they do. It is possible to put a folding screen on an apartment balcony or on a small patio for dining privacy when a person lives in a busy area where many people walk or drive by.

There are thousands and thousands of styles of room dividers. Some of them have an additional function, such as serving as photo holders to display a large variety of photos in each panel and on each side of the screen. There are also dividers with cork attached to them that can hold notes, art work, and other papers with push pins. These are sometimes used in children’s rooms to display their artwork. Mirrors are also used on dividers, and they provide the advantage of making the room appear to be larger than it really is as the area is reflected on the surface of the mirror. It has a double function as a dressing mirror in a bedroom area. In a bedroom, a divider can have fabric glued to it that matches the bedding and curtains in the room.

Most screens can simply be folded into one panel and placed anywhere there is room for them if they need to be stored. Taking down a screen between a living and dining area is simple to do if extra room is needed for guests, or if a party is going to be held in the area. The screen can be folded and taken to another room, or it can look very stylish in a corner, away from the crowd. After the event is over, it is simple to move the screen back to its original place.